Optimising Offices
for the Future

The future office is all about motivating and making
communication easier for employees to be more collaborative.

The "Future Office" is happening right now

The office area is evolving and adapting itself to the new needs of its employees. For some time now, employees were longing for wellness in the workplace. In the future office, that’s not enough anymore. They want to feel inspired and be able to reflect their personality and their values. They want to be able to move around the office and share ideas with each other.

The most recent office trends are a reflection of the future office movement: it’s all about the feel for employees feeling a connection with their workplace.

Promoting collaboration and productivity

Tile Whiteboard

| Tile Whiteboard

New Gen Monthly Planner

| New Gen Monthly Planner

Gridded Planner

| Gridded Planner

Traditional meets up-to-date technology

Interactive Table

| Interactive Table

Interactive Flat Panel

| Interactive Flat Panel

High-quality dominates the design

Glass Mobile Easel

| Glass Mobile Easel

Glass Revolving

| Glass Revolving Board

Adaptable and mobile tools

Design Mobile Easel

| Design Mobile Magnetic Easel

Revolution Revolver

| Evolution Revolver

Evolution Easel

| Evolution Easel

Environmental Concern in Products

Earth Cork

| Earth Maya Cork

Earth Maya Whiteboard

| Earth Maya Whiteboard

Earth Enclore Whiteboard

| Earth Enclore Magnetic

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