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Level-up Your Meetings

Bi-Office Sync Meeting Tools

Unproductive meetings cost time and money. They affect how people work together and get things done. Our tools will help you run more purposeful and properly planned meetings and deliver better business outcomes.


Explore our meeting templates

The biggest business meeting mistakes can be avoided with a well-planned agenda. Use our templates to keep everything on schedule and run successful and rewarding meetings.


Save time and money

Run all of your meetings for the appropriate amount
of time by creating an agenda in advance. 


Boost efficiency and productivity

Cut the fluff and get more done in less time by making sure the right people attend the right meetings.

Choose a custom board

A visual representation of a project makes it easy to organise and update. It also improves interaction and collaboration within a team during meetings. Pick the customised solution that better matches your way of working.


Improve your workflow

Our custom boards are designed to provide an overview of the current work status and simplify
team collaboration. 


Step up your meeting game with Bi-Office Sync Meeting Tools

You’re a form away from having effective and dynamic meetings. Just fill in the requested information.